Why My hp Printer is Not Printing Color and How to Fix this Error?

Is your hp printer not printing color? If you are facing this error, read our step-by-step guide, and resolve the issue instantly. Let’s get started!

HP Printer Not Printing Color

Problems you might face

You may see that whatever document or material you’re printing using your HP printer, isn’t producing the best quality results. You may also see the following issues:

  • Faded printouts,
  • Color not printing,
  • Fuzzy text,
  • Blurred documents
  • Ink smears, etc.

Possible causes of the problems

More often than not, whenever a printer is roughly handled, it might end up producing abnormal results, such as issues in printing. Even when you install a brand new ink cartridge, it might start acting weird. Follow these steps to resolve the issue that your printer is facing:

Reinstall your print driver 

This step is specially meant for Windows users only. Start by uninstalling and then reinstalling your printer’s software. You can find out more about the 4520 installation process on windows on the official website of HP. In case you are facing troubles while trying to follow the 4520 installation process on windows, consider calling the customer care of the manufacturers.

Or else, you can simply search for “123 hp com setup” on Google and download the drivers for there. By searching for 123 hp com setup, you’ll get access to printer driver download and installation information right from the official technicians of HP.

Now, please remove your printer from the device list on your computer. Now, you must visit the official portal of HP Customer Care and then download and install the latest version of your printer software. You can now print a test document to see whether it is now printing color.

Just in case these steps don’t solve the issues your printer has been facing, try out the troubleshooting steps that we have listed below:

Only use original ink cartridges for HP

If you don’t use the genuine cartridges available for HP printers, it can possibly cause the printing issues. That is why your printer might not have been able to print color. In case your cartridges are non-HP, make sure that you change them immediately and then retry printing. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved by now.

Look out for possible ink smears

It is possible that you might be able to locate ink smears on your printout’s backside. This is one of the most common causes behind your printer not being able to print color documents. If such an issue is persistent, you can solve it simply by using automated software. Follow the steps listed below:

  • Load your HP printer with white sheets of paper
  • Now, locate the control panel on your printer and swipe left on the display.
  • Then, make sure that you touch the “Setup” option.
  • Touch on the “Tools” option.
  • Now swipe up
  • Then touch the “Clean Page Smears” option.

Now you shall notice that your printer is slowly feeding a blank sheet of paper. Wait until the printer ejects that blank paper. Now, attempt printing that paper. It can be expected that the problem would be solved by now. However, if that doesn’t happen, and the print quality is not improved, follow the steps listed below.

Check the paper quality

One of the main reasons why your hp printer not printing color is maybe because you are not using the right quality of the paper. HP Printers require a certain paper type to initiate seamless printing operations.

But how do you check if the paper you’re using for printing isn’t up to the mark? You simply need to follow the instructions provided below:

  • First of all, load your paper print in the input tray in a side down position.
  • You need to know which side of the paper is printable. The general rule of thumb is that the smoother side of the sheet is the one meant for printing. If you had been using the wrong side of the paper for printing, make sure you rectify the mistake.
  • Stay away from using curled and wrinkled paper
  • Always ensure that you buy pages made using ColorLok technology for regular usage. This particular kind of paper is best suited to work with HP’s trademark ink.
  • When you’re going for some dense print work, such as printing photos with dense colors and graphics, ensure using HP’s Advanced paper. These are meant for printing photos. It might be possible that you had been using the wrong paper types for so many days. And that’s why your printer wasn’t able to print the appropriate color.

After following the steps listed above, try a test print. If the printer still now doesn’t print color, make sure that you consider following the instructions below:

Check Your Printer’s settings

It is often possible that the wrong settings are causing your printer to malfunction. Once you check and troubleshoot the settings-related issues, try to test print once again.

If it still doesn’t work, consider doing the following:

Check your printer’s ink level

Lower levels of ink content might cause irregular printing. Make sure that you have an adequate amount of ink stored in the printer. If there are any cartridges with low or no ink, make sure that you replace them immediately.

Clean the cartridges

Unclean ink cartridges in your HP printer might lead to malfunctioning of the device. Keep them clean!


Now comes the last option that you have. If your printer isn’t able to print color even after you followed all the instructions mentioned above, now would be the right time to call out for technical help. Often, a lack of enough servicing might lead the printer to start acting abnormal. This is when it might start showing problems like being unable to print appropriate colors.

This might have been because of its dirty internal parts. A technician will be able to clean the grease and the dirt particles stuck inside the printer. And after that, your printer will certainly start acting normal.

Author Bio – I am Ashok Kumar, professional writer for tech blog and for printer related products solution so I hope your issue regarding the hp printer not printing color is resolved by now. Also there is another option for 123 hp com setup 4520 installation guide mention here I would recommended to read this information.

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