13 Bizarre Mobile App Development Facts You Need to Know

mobile App DevelopmentDescription: there are many interesting things about technology in general. Its ability to simplify and make things easier is one. Mobile apps are used to do many things today. Mobile App Development is crucial for businesses to accomplish several things.

Bizarre Facts to Know on Mobile Application Development

1. There are More Apps than Websites

Previously, websites were the official face of businesses or firms, or organizations. They were used more to interact with customers and the public. Today, with the increased mobile use, more apps are used for easier and fast accessibility. There are millions of apps in the apps stores.

2. Millions of apps in the App Stores are not Downloaded.

It is estimated that millions of apps (more than 5 million apps) in the app stores have not been downloaded yet. Users have become value and cost-centric cautious before downloading apps online. In both Android and Apple Stores their apps are yet to be downloaded by users.

3. Lots of Apps Launch on Google Play Store Daily

Android Play Store has the highest number of apps with 2.8 million apps. With tighter coding standards enforced, Apple App Store offers a total of 2.2 million apps to download. This means over 5 million apps in app stores. Every day several more apps are added in both the app stores.
There are more app downloads in the Android Play store than Apple store. This is because Android is free to download. Besides, there are more Android device users than iPhones globally. Despite the stiff and rising competition, Android-based devices are more global. That also opens the eye to the nature of app development.

4. Reduced / Lower Cost of Making Apps

It’s cheaper to make an app today than 5-0 years ago. Initially making apps was considered costly and only for the rich businesses. Today, with so many apps in the apps stores, the average price of making an app has reduced compared to earlier rates. Besides, app owners can now earn more from high app sales figures rather than high-profit margins. E-commerce and online marketing have redefined vast income streams for investing in apps.

5. Mobile Apps Contribute Greatly to Revenue

There is a huge rise in the revenue generated by mobile apps. The apps add greatly to development revenue. That’s why app development services are highly accessed by users daily. Comparatively, on a yearly scale, there is a high spike and incremental growth in the app development industry.
The latest research figures show there are more sales done using mobile apps. This means that Mobile App Development contributes greatly to driving sales. Businesses are more than ever making more profit through the use of apps.
They add vastly to the revenue generation sources of several businesses. More so in the midst of the pandemic, most businesses take orders online. And to ‘top the cake’ even have free delivery services of purchases for their customers. There is exponential growth that is bound to rise and scale higher even in 2022.

6. Social Media Apps the Most Popular

Social media are very popular with likes of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram among the top. There are several downloads of these apps until now. This shows the dominance of social media apps and their value to online marketing. Although gaming apps have gained more with trending games in the number of downloads.

7. Mobile Apps Redefine Profitability Faster

Today, there are millions of apps in both apps stores. This is because the previously high costs f making an app have declined compared to today. It indicates the sway apps have on the market. Besides, apps are able to deliver higher sales than traditional businesses activity returns. That means apps are capable of delivering faster and high profitability than normal business activity. Today, e-commerce and online marketing are redefining income and profit generation sources faster and with profit. Thus the massive interest to make apps by various businesses and firms.

8. More Transactions with Apps than Websites

Websites have diminished as similar information is accessed faster using mobile apps. Better still, apps are used anywhere, anytime, and by anybody even while traveling. They are operational 24/7/365 which enhances productivity and value to a business. They can make businesses stay operational even though the stores are closed. E-commerce stores have proven this fact more.

9. Mobile Development Vary Globally

App development and developer costs are different around the globe. For instance, the cost of app developers in Asia ranges from $15-35/hour. Whereas this figure jumps ten times to $250-300 for app developers in North America. This shows the variable costs of engaging valuable and experienced skills and talents globally.

10. Gaming Apps Gaining More Prominence

There’s a heavy percentage of youthful mobile users who simply love gaming apps. They spend a lot of their time on gaming apps some professionally. Gaming apps are increasing steadily in the app stores. Besides, just a little under 5% of the usage is used for lifestyle. These include lifestyle, health, and fitness apps.

11. Higher Purchases Made with Mobile Apps

Globally, there’s a high rise in the use of apps for shopping. This ranges from online shopping, making purchases and payments. The traditional modes of commerce seem to have taken a backseat. Though they are still used online shopping with apps is in vogue. Across sectors and verticals, eCommerce has become synonymous with progress and advance. There are apps for literally every kind of business idea and shopping need.

12. More Free to Download than Paid Apps

Today, 70 % of apps in online stores are free to download with in-app purchase options. These apps are more popular than paid versions as the cost of maintenance is practically low. They create room for millions of downloads with this approach.

13. Mobile Apps are Adapted for Several Things

Apps have become the answer in accomplishing several things. There is a visible shift towards apps that do almost everything under the sun. Today there are apps for anything and everything from cars, home appliances, televisions, office tasks, etc. Apps have helped simplify several areas of life and work.
As technology evolves, it’s found new ways of doing things better and faster. Mobile apps have become vital in that progress. And Mobile App Development is essential to human evolution and development.

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