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Weekends Are Over-Rated Anyway!

Whenever you guys start to plan for a party or for a random get together with friends or collages, why is everything planned to keep in mind the weekend? Well, the most brutally honest answer to this would be the crazy discounts offered on the weekend, apart from the same monotonous answer that everyone’s usually free over the weekends.

To put an end to the hyped weekend offers, happy hour deals have finally made their way; elaborating the concept of happy hours, these are a stipulated duration of maximum 2-3 hours at the eatery where visitors are offered crazy discounts on food delicacies, drinks and other items on the menu on all days which are not made available to the visitors during the normal hours thus marking a difference between ordinary hours and happy hours.

The best way to grab a table at your desired food joint is to simply look up for restaurants with happy hours in Delhi, the search result of which will display you names of all the restaurants running the offer; one of the most important things to be kept in mind while dining in during happy hours is to initially call up the place and get details confirmed such as timings, duration, amount of discount offered and food items available at these hours, as all restaurants usually differ with their idea of happy hours in terms of discounts, duration and other offers.

Unleash The Delhiite Within You!

Delhi is supremely famous for its ultra-fast life, while Delhiites are supremely famous for their ostentatious lifestyles, because why not, if you have it, flaunt it! People who actually know how to enjoy life, are the ones who are very frequently spotted at restaurants and food outlets, would also agree that it isn’t easy on the pocket to fulfill all your stomach’s desires.

For the foodie ones who just don’t mind eating their hearts out and for the non-foodie, rather, conscious eaters happy hours in Delhi is the shoulder to rest on; during these non-peak hours when the footfall at restaurants is minimum and discounts the maximum you can actually practice the “eat to your heart’s content” into reality by making the best use of the discounts offered; from those impromptu friends meet to those well planned in advance birthday or anniversary lunches, happy hours have got them all covered; while visiting with a little crowd, make sure to have already inquired at the restaurant about the applicability of offers on small groups.

Not all people define an extra-large pizza with crazy cheese and a gallon of the cold drink as an ideal steal during the happy hours, for them a huge bowl of low sugar, strawberry smoothie topped with all the healthy toppings on this earth, when made available on discount during the happy hours is a deal; all the diet conscious humans get ready to savour your favorite bowl of smoothie along with protein shake as restaurants serving healthy food also take active participation in the happy hours drill, all you need to do is lookup for such places over the internet, and crash in!

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Booze And Happy Hours Go Hand In Hand!

Whosoever said bear is for the weekend surely needs to brush his knowledge as there isn’t any definition of that perfect occasion that calls for some booze; any day, any occasion is a booze day if your heart or rather liver desires so and with happy hour bars in Delhi NCR probably every day is a drinking day.

These bars offer unbelievable discounts on almost all brands of liquor they have in store, not only on the weekends but on all days of the week, the concept of happy hours remains the same as that of restaurants which include discounts, complimentary drinks, complimentary discount coupons or any other innovation the bar would want to treat its customers with.

The most important thing to keep in mind regarding the happy hours at bars is that most bars usually do not allow people of young age which means people under the age of 18, to participate in the offer and also serve alcohol neither during the happy hours nor during the ordinary ones, as it’s declared illegal by the law. Hence youngsters must avail the happiness showered at the restaurants while the bars must be left for the sensible adults to enjoy.

Everyone wishes to lead a lavish lifestyle but not everyone can afford it. Happy hours at restaurant kind of solve the issue partially by enabling people to experience the same chivalry, good food experience in the great ambiance at discounted prices. So the next time you think of sacrificing your favorite cuisine at your favorite restaurant just to save little money, do not upset your stomach rather just call up the restaurant immediately, enquire about the happy hours and prepare yourself to dine in.

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