Why don’t these people want to let the Corona virus vaccine be made?

Why don't these people want to let the Corona virus vaccine be made?

As the cases of coronavirus are increasing, the search for its medicine and vaccine is also getting faster. Currently, more than 100 researches are being done on the corona vaccine and at least 20 human trials are likely to be done this year. On the one hand, where the vaccine is waiting eagerly around the world, some people are strongly opposing it.

The whole world is on the verge of opening a lockdown, in such a situation that there is a dire need for a vaccine. “The greatest hope of eradicating the coronavirus is just a highly effective vaccine,” Mike Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization, said during a press conference on 13 May. But there are some people who are strongly against making the coronavirus vaccine. These people do not want any vaccine for corona virus to be made.

Why don't these people want to let the Corona virus vaccine be made?

According to the report of the US website Business Insider, some statistics show that about 10 percent of the people of the world are ready to get out of this epidemic without the help of vaccine. These people want to make herd immunity in the body without a vaccine to avoid corona virus. It may take four to five years to become herd immunity. Herd immunity is made by being around large numbers of infected people.

Why don't these people want to let the Corona virus vaccine be made?

However, using herd immunity without a vaccine can result in millions of lives. Emily Toth Martin, Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Michigan, US, said that the most effective way to create herd immunity can only be an effective vaccine to avoid corona.

Professor Emily said that the need for the vaccine is not just for the present crisis. If this virus remains around us forever, then this vaccine will be equally important for our future generations.

Why don't these people want to let the Corona virus vaccine be made?

While the whole world is expecting expectations on the corona vaccine, those opposing the vaccine have their own arguments. These people say that the vaccine does not work on diseases but makes people more sick and it is a part of the government scheme on a large scale. These people, who are protesting against the vaccine in America, say that the option of getting the vaccine should be completely left to the people.

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An online petition has also been filed against making the vaccine mandatory in the US, which has been signed by 376,000 people till 14 May. This essentiality has been stated in the petition against personal freedom.

Some big celebrities have also opposed Corona’s vaccine. The British singer and rapper MIA had said in a tweet in March that she would prefer to die rather than get the vaccine for the corona virus. Instagram influencer Carmela Rose recently shared a story about the anti-vaccine, although she later deleted it.

people are against making the vaccine mandatory

Other celebrities such as tennis star Novak Djokovic and singer Lauren Jouregui have also promoted anti-vaccine messages. These people are against making the vaccine mandatory.

However, the number of people opposing the vaccine is quite small. In a survey conducted by Civic Science, 69 percent of the 2,900 Americans are against the introduction of the corona virus vaccine, while only 14 percent are against it.

Many experts say that until the effective vaccine of Corona comes, it will remain with us. Till then, those with weak immunity, the elderly, the obese and those suffering from any earlier disease need to be cautious.

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