Top 5 Ingredients To Avoid Hyper pigmentation & Dark Spots

Feeling confident is a basic need in a human’s life. But not everything can be achievable at one try. According to researchers, people do not feel confident enough in their skin because of their physical appearance. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and nothing can change the fact of a person is beautiful. A proven fact is that skin concerns such as acne, spots, and hyperpigmentation can damage your self-confidence. That means take action today and get yourself the best eye creams for dark circles, serums for hyperpigmentation and creams for dark spots today. Confused about what to shop? Below, you will find 5 items that can work magically for skin improvement.

eye cream for dark circles

Glycolic Acid

The first ingredient on the list is glycolic acid. It is an effective active product that helps in removing acne, dark patches and scars. Glycolic acid will absorb into your skin and help to improve your skin’s texture and fine lines. This chemical exfoliant should be used at least twice a week. After a few days or months, you can use this product on a regular basis. The ingredient will eventually brighten your skin, but there is a common misconception that it will lighten your skin too, which is utterly untrue. From removing tanning to adding glow, Glycolic acid has several benefits. In general terms, it will freshen up your skin by reducing impurities.



Next up is retinol. This is one of the best items to prevent hyperpigmentation. Most people consider retinol as an elixir for anti-ageing. However, this one product is an abundance of benefits. Out of all, the prevention of hyperpigmentation stays relevant. Retinol offers even-toned skin and is certainly safe to use regularly. It is advised to use this during the night because that will keep you away from sunlight. Further, retinol will fade away signs of ageing and scars. It will increase collagen production, which is a way to cure all these skin issues, including hyperpigmentation.  In every method, this will enhance an individual’s overall appearance.


Azelaic Acid

Third on the list is azelaic acid. They are known as the ingredient that helps in discolouration, hyperpigmentation and other skin concerns. To make it work efficiently, use it in a 15-20% dosage. This will help to wash away the dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Azelaic acid even helps with acne, inflammation, melasma and rosacea. It will even revert the discolouration of melanin and lighten your skin. So, in cases when you have clogged pores, breakouts and inflammation, use azelaic acid for the best results. This ingredient is nowadays present in sheet masks, creams and even face cleansers. That means azelaic acid is one of the best solutions for hyperpigmentation.



One ingredient which has been chosen as a top contender for skin lightening and hyperpigmentation removal is niacinamide. Such an item needs to be used in the long run for a visible outcome. Niacinamide might take around 4 weeks to decrease the hyperpigmentation, which is quite an exceptional duration. The ideal concentration for hyperpigmentation prevention is suggested to be at least 5%. It works by reducing the melanin concentration in your skin. Later it provides a cure for the sun and other damages by refreshing your skin. The rejuvenation process will hydrate your skin and also be a barrier to ageing.


Vitamin C

The last ingredient on the list is the very simple application and popular vitamin C. It is a known fact that vitamin C has a variety of benefits which improves your skin and body health. If we focus on only the aspect of the skin, then we can see that vitamin C is used to diminish hyperpigmentation. In about two months, the total signs of hyperpigmentation will be tackled with vitamin C serums, creams, moisturizers, cleansers and sheet masks. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that looks at the pigment generation in your skin. It will fade away the dark spots, and there will be a noticeable change in your skin soon. Hyperpigmentation will replace with glowing and lighter skin tone.



In conclusion, these 5 ingredients listed above have shown visible results for several skin types. But before using them, you should check on the required concentration. Also, recognise the importance of skin health as it will affect your overall personality. On the other hand, choosing specific products for specific face region like your lips, face, and under-eye need different solutions.

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