The Central Government Imposed a 10-Year Ban on the Arrival of 2500 Foreign Nationals Associated With the Tabligi Jamaat

Ban Foreign Nationals of Tabligi Jamaat

A 10-year ban has been imposed on 2500 foreign nationals involved in Tablighi Jamaat’s activities in India. According to central government sources, many of these foreign nationals had already been blacklisted. They all came to India on a tourist visa. A large number of people of Tablighi Jamaat gathered in Nizamuddin, Delhi, amid Corona virus infection in the country. Because of them, the corona virus was spread in large numbers among others as well. The Union Home Ministry blacklisted 960 foreign nationals of Tablighi Jamaat in April. Also their visas were canceled.

The Home Ministry had asked the Delhi Police and police of other states to take action against foreign nationals living in their respective areas under the Disaster Management Act and Foreign Citizens Act. The Home Ministry had informed about this action by tweeting.

1300 foreign nationals were identified as participants in the program held in Nizamuddin, Delhi. These included citizens of America, France and Italy. They were identified and sent to Quarantine. Nizamuddin became the hotspot of the Tablighi Jamaat Markaz Corona virus in the west. Because of this the entire area had to be sealed. Several government agencies in their investigation found that over 9000 Indian members of the Tablighi Jamaat had spread the corona infection in 20 states of the country.


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