Yes I agree, the data is good nutty due to the fact leader away from $cn himself

Yes I agree, the data is good nutty due to the fact leader away from $cn himself

Looking to learn and you will justify something you should another what’s wild to begin with is quite the newest interest and you may goes around and you may as much as and you will as much as. But change the guy performed, repeatedly which happened to be before the GAT collection. The number of their weird internal technology adjustments, for example regarding rules co-audits, metering and you will TR programmes, checksheet rewrites (the latest SHSBC a primary example) and RTC TR, metering films tickets should be identity but a few. He really got stuck into the Solamente NOTs posts too quickly to your and you will yourself blogged lots of products themselves “restoring it up” and then he himself is a hit a brick wall CL4 auditor!

Plus the publication and package rewrites over and over again. Yet , he attempts to encourage folks however making an application for the brand new technical sheer LRH. Hubbard need started both blind and you can dumb as he delivered this new SHSBC and place the newest precedent away from Saint Hill size statistics and you may an economic viability formula getting Orgs, with much altered tech not as much as their most nostrils and you will bringing it at the same time that have those people suppressively authored books and you will checksheets. It can search logical in the event that Hubbard performed build all of that shit upwards, and it also didn’t create efficiency only let it rest end up being, the cash was flowing anyhow therefore the organisation try apparently larger and you can secure. The good news is although not, miscavige features painted himself for the a corner of which Really don’t consider he quite forecast he would actually ever become.

So what when someone states I feel better because We see a text otherwise had auditing regarding some one

The guy underestimated the web defectively therefore the courtroom someone both for and facing miscavige/scientology was circling eg whales, it smelling bloodstream in the water and you can a payday they might simply think of is just about to happen. They are real winners contained in this Scientology circumstance. It will appear evidential yet not that miscavige had set for Hubbard within the a huge way. Destroying Scientology because it is actually when he stole they turned into rather of course an obsession with your – only examine what he did for the executive strata! That’s some rather major wreck in the anybody’s conditions. He stated most of Hubbard’s past Saint Slope professionals and you may none Hubbard coached CLXII is available today regarding the church – the guy ning proof just what miscavige notion of Hubbard and his awesome technical.

Such as – in the event that Scientology never did before everything else, why should miscavige need certainly to change it?

You will find not ever been a preserving from nor change away from Scientology – it doesn’t operate in a team structure no matter what you manage inside it. Which can be to have top otherwise worse as an alternative without difficulty provable. Get cutting-edge upload towards latest on the biggest and best in Los angeles as well as the history several months into Mike’s website – it is all a dying move off miscavige’s organisation as well as lies. And you may Banner is actually bull crap. If the technology works well with somebody has been and will also be contended from this point towards the out – yet just who gives a shit? Heavens sake, people be spiritually found looking at a hill finest to possess thirty years or someone else bouncing regarding routes.

However, In my opinion we could comfortably to see and concur that the fact Scientology as a group pastime try deceased in the water if in case the technical try previously possible, well… precisely what does it matter today. not, geezers did not some funds changes delivers this subject, therefore the carnage away from busted lives and you may shattered fantasies leftover in the its aftermath is enough to turn the latest stomach off even the very hardened critic from Hubbard. I suppose it may be argued miscavige possess better off leaving technology by yourself and just counting the bucks – then he you can expect to really blame Hubbard if ran wrong. However, once i said earlier looking to learn and you can identify some thing which is crazy simply goes around and doing and you may as much as.

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