COVID-19: Read About the New Normal after Coronavirus Pandemic

New Normal after Coronavirus

Are you still looking for the possibility of leaving Corona amid Corona’s daily data, newspaper analyzes, news channels’ overflowing programs, WhatsApp University rumors or unreliable information circulating on social media. The whole world has agreed, you also believe that this epidemic is not going to go so easily. It may not even go completely. So why don’t we stop wasting time worrying about it.

A good thing in time is that it passes. That is why it is certain that this period of corona will also pass and the conditions will become normal again. But it is also certain that the normal now will not be the same. A lot has changed, which we have started showing signs of. This will be the new normal i.e. ‘New Normal’.

In the later life of Corona, we will see major changes in almost every field. In many areas, the level of change will be such that we would never have imagined before Corona. In which areas New Normal can show its influence, see a hallmark — Government policies and implementation, Governance-administration control over the public, Our civic experience, Our privacy, Lifestyle, Human behavior, Workplace, Business / Business, Job, Economic Activities, Wealth Management, Education-Training, Health, Relationships, Social-Culture, Travel, Tourism, Media, Entertainment, Technology, international relation etc.

Changes in all areas may not be seen immediately after lockdown and today we cannot even imagine them all properly. But it is certain that life will not be the same as before. That is why we have to be better than before by sensing these changes. Only then will we be able to realize the dream of making India a world guru in the 21st century, turning this difficult period into an opportunity.

I reiterate my point that ‘a good thing in time is that it passes.’ This round of lockdown is difficult but will pass. Even after this, the new normal will not come immediately and we will have to go through a transition period. This too will pass with mixed experiences of good and bad. But remember, we do not have to sit empty. To get ready for the new normal has to be engaged. Otherwise it is time, it will pass.

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