How to Prevent Yourself from Covid-19 While Going Outside?

How to Prevent Yourself from Covid-19 While Going Outside

Coronavirus has become a pandemic; it has claimed more than 11000 lives in India so far. Initially, the virus was confirmed in China and now spreading rapidly in countries like- Japan, USA, UK, South Korea, Iran, Italy, India, Middle East etc. Even WHO has marked the impact of health emergency from “high” to “extremely high” as before 2 to 3 months ago governments of all countries imposed strictly bans on all economic and non-economic activities, restricted, streamlined quarantine and screening the process to prevent the risk.

But, all this cannot be implemented for long time to get back economy on right track and let people earn to live & eat. Since, 8th June 2020, “Ministry of Home Affairs” has rule out almost all restrictions on commercial and non-commercial activities. People are getting back to their normal lives slowly but steadily to earn and live.

So while going outside, it is required to follow some safety measures in order to prevent yourself from Coronavirus. Remember, one thing – “Restrictions are removed, not the Virus”.

Here’s given some tips you from which will prevent get in touch of covid-19:

1. Sanitize Your Hands Regularly –

Sanitize Your Hands Regularly

When you go outside, i.e. offices or buying household items, it is important to sanitize your hands first. This basic hygiene habit can curb the risk of spreading infection. When you step outside, there are a lot of places and things that can be a breeding house for germs. Hence, keep a bottle of sanitizing always, apply it when you touch or contact with someone. Besides this, wash your hands with lukewarm water for 20-30 seconds also helps to kill the virus.

2. Wear Mask and Gloves at Public Places –

Wear Mask and Gloves at Public Places

Coronavirus also transmit from respiratory droplets, it means if an infected person coughs or sneezes in your vicinity and you catch its droplets via mouth, eyes or nose; you’ll also get infected.

Thus, to not get infected it is mandatory to wear masks that cover your nose and mouth. It is also suggested that don’t touch the mask again and again when you’re out and even once you reach home either dispose it or wash it with hot water and don’t touch for 24 to 48 hours.

3. Avoid Public Transport for Travelling –

Avoid Public Transport for Travelling

Until it is not necessary, don’t go outside, be at your home and do all office works from there in order to maintain social distancing. But if you have to go, then use your personal vehicle instead of public transports to travel. Because you never know, how many infected people have sit and travel with it.

4. Drink Bottled Water and Consume Home-Based Food –

Drink Bottle Water and Consume Home-Based Food

At this time, we cannot guarantee the quality and purity of food and water that is really important. May be your gut bacteria not reacted well to the local procedure. So, always use your own water bottles and home-cooked food items to prevent yourself.

5. Keep Doing Yoga –

Keep Doing Yoga

Doing yoga and other activities that boosts your immune system have become the primary requirements of this time. Yoga keeps your internal system strong that helps in preventing Covid-19.

6. Don’t Share Your Stuff –

Don’t Share Your Stuff

Restrict yourself to share things with others, like- pen, calculator, lunch box, water bottle, bags, mobile, notepads, chair and so many things. If once you share these things then sanitize your hands first properly, then the stuff you shared if possible.

7. Don’t Touch Your Nose, Mouth and Eyes Frequently

Don’t Touch Your Nose, Mouth and Eyes Frequently

The most vital thing is to not touch your mouth, nose and eyes frequently when you’re outside. Masks only won’t protect the risk of infection; altogether one shouldn’t touch mouth, eyes and nose especially with unwashed hands.

8. Consume Healthy Foods –

Consume Healthy Foods

In this pandemic try to avoid fried and oily food, instead of using healthy food items like – fruits, vegetables, juice, sprouts, brown rice, lentils, soup, oats, nuts etc. All these foods will keep you energetic and improve your body’s ability to prevent from viruses.

9. Take a Bath After Going Outside –

Take a Bath After Going Outside

Whenever we go outside, we contact with many people and touch things hence chances of entering the virus into the body get increased. So it would be great if you take a bath (if possible, take lukewarm water) after reaching home. It cleans your body and freshens you as well.

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Wrapping up!!!

As we all know that sitting for long time at houses can affect people financially and burden on their pockets as well. On the other side, people also go outside to buy daily stuff required for living, like- vegetables, fruits and household items. I think it is not in the government’s hand to prevent the virus or lockdown the whole nation until we don’t get any vaccine. Our safety is in our hands; hence by following these tips you can prevent the spread of Coronavirus and keep yourself healthy in this pandemic whilst going outside. If you follow all these above-mentioned tips and measures, you will also stay strong and fit for a long time.

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