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Medical BillingFrom payer credentialing through old AR collection, medical billing’s lab billing services encompass all facets of medical revenue cycle management (RCM). Medical billing services from Laboratories are available as a stand-alone service or as part of a fully customized solution which may include insurance verification, patient billing, and old AR collections, as well as medical coding and billing software, billing specialists, and other services.

For Complex Requirements, Comprehensive Laboratory Billing Solutions

Unlike many laboratory billing businesses that only work with high-ticket vendors, TMB’s unique method is ideal for lab billing solutions that require the processing of a large number of low-dollar claims. Our system’s efficiency allows us to scrub and file hundreds of claims in as little as 48 hours, and each customer is assigned a manager who will track all claims and ensure that each one is reimbursed.

Full-Service Laboratory Billing Firm

TMB can help with every part of lab revenue management. Clients frequently begin with lab medical billing, but after seeing how well our system handles their claims, they go on to collections and then other services, especially those that involve working with payers, including credentialing, which can take a long time. We’ll also take care of old AR accounts, and we’ve had a lot of luck collecting payments on bills that are over a year old. Our team will take care of payer credentialing, insurance coverage verification, lab billing audit logs, and everything else you may require.

Management and Evaluation of Claims

The primary goal of lab medical billing services is to get paid for the services you deliver to patients. Before submitting claims, our expert billers scrub them for inaccuracies, considerably lowering rejections and denials. When these problems develop, our lab medical billing professionals are quick to spot the flaws and quickly close them. Because claims that are abandoned can result in a significant loss of revenue, our lab medical billing system involves tracking each claim to ensure it is paid, regardless of its value.

Collections – Old Due Accounts Receivable and Current Charges

There are frequently balances outstanding from patients, cooperating providers, or additional payers in addition to the payment obtained directly for claims. All of this will be handled by our outstanding laboratory billing company. Effective communication and a reliable solution combine to provide significantly higher receipts than typical. Even for sums due that are up to a year old, our accounts receivable team handling old AR accounts is quite successful.

Integration of EHR and EMR

Software must be updated frequently to minimize claim denials due to coding errors; nevertheless, the expense of maintaining such an information system might be prohibitive for labs. One of the most significant advantages of partnering with an expert laboratory billing solutions firm is that you won’t have to worry about coding changes or payer regulations.

Our software can be utilized in conjunction with your current practice management, EHR, and EMR solutions, or it can be used alone to handle all elements of patient data and laboratory medical billing.

Updated Frequently

TMB’s coding and billing teams are highly trained and experienced, but we make it a point to stay them up to date on code changes and new payer requirements as part of our business strategy. Tracking down the source of the error that led to the rejection or denial, and re-training the appropriate party to ensure errors are not repeated, is the last step in our lab billing process that helps us stand apart.

Reporting That is Detailed and Transparent

TMB offers modern lab billing solutions that relieve you of the administrative effort while also providing you with actionable financial insights. Our reports are delivered regularly and are meant to keep you informed about a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs). You’ll be able to observe how long it takes to receive paid. Also, detailed information on pending payments, such as the current accounts-receivable amount. By working with one of the best laboratory billing firms, you will notice that you are getting paid faster and that the percentage of delinquent bills is decreasing.

Partnership with No Risk

Our unique approach to medical billing has been so successful that we promise at least a 10% increase in revenue. There are no hidden fees, unlike some other lab billing businesses. Your account balance will not be charged any startup or setup costs.

When you deal with TMB to outsource laboratory medical billing, you’re working with a reliable partner who is exclusively focused on your success.

To satisfy your demands, we provide comprehensive billing and project management services.


At a very low cost, we will supply you with physician practice management services and contemporary medical software.

Runs without a Hitch

To guarantee that everything functions properly, we assign a TMB Regional Manager to your office.

Services for Human Resources

‘The Medical Billing’ also handles payroll, benefits coordination, and human resource services for your business.

Services in Accounting

We’ll process and collect your receivables, as well as provide full accounting services.

TMB’s Services

  • Medical Billing Collections
  • Physician Billing
  • Billing and Coding
  • Staff Administration
  • EMR/EHR-Integrated Accounting
  • PPO Contracting
  • Physician Credentialing with Coding Evaluation
  • EMR/EHR Custom Template Design

‘The Medical Billing’: HIPAA Compliant Medical Billing Company 

Healthy Practice, Happy Patients

We’re dedicated to providing great service to all aspects of your medical practice at ‘The Medical Billing.’ Our cutting-edge electronic health record (EHR/EMR) systems boost efficiency and streamline efficiency by ensuring that all documentation and patient data are freely available and that communication is quick and easy.

We understand that excellent patient care doesn’t stop at the front desk—patient involvement is critical to maintaining a high-performing healthcare organization. Outsourced billing services streamline the entire medical process from beginning to end, allowing patients to access their information and reports. Because a happy patient correlates to a successful practice.

Get high-quality medical billing services for your practice. Contact us right now to speak with one of our medical billing experts about how to improve the financial health of your accounts. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to Request a Demo.

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