MKs had high standards about consolidation regarding linked relationship using their moms and dads than simply did stateside teenagers and you can parents

MKs had high standards about consolidation regarding linked relationship using their moms and dads than simply did stateside teenagers and you can parents

Abstract: The purpose of this study would be to see whether teenage “missionary children” (MKs) way of living abroad, teenagers staying in the usa, moms and dads of MKs, and you will parents off stateside kids differed in their hopes of educational experiences, matchmaking which have mothers and you will family relations, faith and you will means, and you can cultural perspectives

Sager, David Ward. 1998. “Parental Behaviors and you can Beliefs and you may Teenage Internalized Prosocial Moral Reason.” Ph.D. Thesis, Oklahoma Condition School, Stillwater. Abstract: Scope and you can type study. The reason for this research would be to check the partnership anywhere between picked demographic variables (many years, sex, and you can relatives means–two-parent undamaged families as opposed to almost every other parents), adolescents’ thinking out of parental habits (service, induction, punitiveness, and love withdrawal), and you will adult viewpoints (inherent religiosity, altruism, esteem, mental alertness, and you will moms and dads internalized prosocial moral cause) and you can teenage internalized prosocial moral reasoning The analysis try contains 114 adolescents anywhere between thirteen and you can 18 years old, 107 moms and dads and you can 84 fathers. The knowledge was in fact compiled regarding a chapel out-of Christ take to due to mailout and you may survey during the 8 church buildings for the Tx and Oklahoma. Details that have been rather related to internalized prosocial ethical reason in the brand new bivariate correlations was basically registered since the predictor variables out-of adolescent internalized prosocial moral need inside the independent hierarchical multiple regression models to possess mothers and you may fathers. Findings and you can results. Regarding fathers’ model, five predictor variables had been significantly regarding adolescent internalized prosocial moral reasoning. Gender of the adolescent (female stated high quantities of internalized prosocial moral need than just boys, loved ones means (teens off friends versions besides several mother or father unchanged reported large amounts of internalized prosocial moral reasoning), fathers’ help try undoubtedly regarding adolescent internalized prosocial moral reason, and fathers’ like detachment are adversely pertaining to teenage internalized prosocial ethical reason. On mothers’ design, mothers’ service is actually certainly related and mothers’ functions property value intellectual alertness was negatively connected with internalized prosocial ethical reasoning. These types of results advise that parental support, along with specific group parameters and several functions viewpoints was the connected with adolescent internalized prosocial ethical need. [Source: DA]

Results are consistent, however, together with siti incontri anziani other conclusions proving one MKs as well as their moms and dads show equivalent criterion regarding connectedness out of familial matchmaking

Bishop, Carolyn Greenway. 1997. “American Kids Schooled To another country: Standard for the Education, Relationship, Religion, and Cultural Perspectives.” Ph.D. Thesis, Emory School. Four research concerns concerned about whether there have been significant imply distinctions because of the filial group (beginner otherwise father or mother) and you will resident position (to another country otherwise stateside) in regards to traditional to the five depending procedures about research (degree, relationships, religion, and social views). The fresh new take to consisted of 54 adolescent MKs lifestyle overseas and a contrast selection of 100 stateside high school youthfulness. Father or mother participants integrated 72 mothers of your MK participants and you can good evaluate gang of 52 moms and dads of stateside student respondents. Investigation was basically assessed having fun with study out-of variance (ANOVA) actions. MKs and you may to another country moms and dads claimed straight down standard about instructional experience and you will conclusion than just performed stateside teens and mothers. MKs had highest requirement to have compliance within the relationships than just performed most other participants. Mothers got higher standard on the religion and you can strategies than simply did adolescents; youngsters and you will mothers living overseas got high religious expectations than did the stateside equivalents. There were zero high differences out of traditional regarding cultural perspectives. These answers are not consistent with past lookup showing that MKs usually declaration higher requirement for academic skills and you will academic conclusion than simply stateside kids. [Source: DA]

Burton, Linda Meters. 1997. “Ethnography and Meaning of Adolescence from inside the High-Chance Areas.” Ethos vol. twenty five, pp. 208-217. Abstract: Pulls to the profession data interview out of 186 African american young ones during the 9 large-risk areas regarding the metropolitan Northeast to teach exactly how ethnography is also come across challenging, but very high, factors about the teenage growth in perspective. Investigation collection are supplemented of the analyses away from hit interviews having spiritual, civil, people frontrunners. Findings exposed three influences you to showed that puberty had become an not clear illusionary stage off lifetime development in such areas: (1) an expidited lifestyle way motivated by an anticipated quick endurance; (2) diffuse ages hierarchies that shorter respect to have elders; (3) inconsistent character standard when you look at the relatives public organization. [Source: SA]

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