Lockdown 4.0: Lockdown Extended till 31 May in the Country, Now Five Zones will be replaced

lockdown 4.0 update

The central government has extended the lockdown 4.0 in the country till 31 May. Guidelines issued by the government said the areas with hotspots will continue to be strict. Red in the fourth phase of lockdown, Corona infected areas will be divided into five zones instead of Green and Orange zones. The new two zones will also be made buffer and containment zones. Only essential services will be allowed in the Containment Zone. Areas, where new patients emerge after a period of the time, will be marked as buffer zones. The new guidelines allow restaurants to deliver home delivery. Apart from this, the stadium will be open without spectators. Bus services will also continue. From 7 pm to 7 am, the stay will remain intact. The fourth phase of lockdown allowed buses to operate on the basis of mutual agreement between the states. This is expected to provide relief to people moving from one place to another. Schools, colleges and other educational institutions will remain closed as before in this phase. Apart from this, cinema halls and malls will remain closed.


These will be banned in the fourth phase

  • The ban on all domestic and international air travel will continue. However, domestic health services, domestic air ambulances and air service will be used for security reasons as permitted by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Restriction on metro rail services will continue
  • Schools, colleges, teaching/training/coaching institutes, etc. will remain closed. Online and distance education will be allowed and will also be promoted.
  • Hotels, restaurants and other hospitality services will remain closed. They will be allowed which are being used as health, police, government officials, health workers, people stranded at other places and quarantine centers. Restaurants will be allowed to make home delivery of food.
  • All cinema halls, shopping malls, gymnasiums, swimming pools, amusement parks, theaters, bars, auditoriums, auditoriums and all such places will remain closed. The sports complex and Steadim will be allowed to open, however, viewers will not be allowed to leave.
  • All social, political, sports-related, entertainment, educational, cultural, religious and other crowd gathering programs will continue to be banned.
  • All religious places will remain closed to the public. There will be a strict ban on religious meetings.


These things will be allowed in the fourth stage

  • Vehicles and buses will be allowed for interstate travel. For this, the permission of the respective states or union territories will be required.
  • The decision to operate vehicles and buses for transport within the state will be decided by the state and union territories themselves.
  • It will be mandatory for people to follow standard operating procedures (SOPs).


These instructions regarding Green, Orange and Red Zone

  • The states of the Union and the Union Territory will be decided by the Green, Orange and Red zones. For this, they have to follow the standards laid down by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  • Containment and buffer zones in the Red and Orange zones will be determined by the District Authority as per the guidelines.
  • Only necessary activities will be allowed in the Containment Zone. There will be a strict vigil on whether there is no movement of people inside or outside these zones. People will be allowed to exist only in the event of medical emergency and supply of essential services and goods.

Contact tracing will be done on a large scale in the Containment Zone. Every house will be monitored and health services will be used as per the requirement.

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