Introducing Facebook Shops to Help Small Businesses Sell Online

Facebook Shops Feature Launched

Facebook Inc. is about to launch its online shop. The company has named this new feature Facebook Shops. Facebook shops have currently been released in the US. The shops will be brought to Instagram in the coming months. Also, this new shops feature will soon be launched in other markets including India. Apart from this, Facebook will soon launch a new connect loyalty program and shopping feature, which will show the low product tag of live video. In such a situation, users will be able to purchase the product while watching the video. According to Zuckerberg, daily 800 million people connect to live videos on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said that under this service, users will be able to display and sell their products on the world’s largest social network platform Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Shops will be completely free. It can be accessed by any user. Users will be able to add their product to the Facebook page, Instagram profile and stories. Facebook believes that this

Small traders will get help in business. The company’s move is to create an e-commerce site through Facebook followers. Facebook launched the limited shopping option photo-sharing app Instagram and messaging app WhatsApp last year.

The company’s leader, Wager, said that these features were introduced with the intention of generating more business-friendly and stress revenue. Through Facebook shops, users will not only be able to list their products, but will also be able to live-stream these products on Facebook and Instagram. Such an initiative of the company will provide easy online shopping to the users. Zuckerberg said the world’s largest social network is in the race to partner with Shopify and seven other online platforms.

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