Instagram’s New Feature “Guide” Helps You to Discover New Content

Instagram New Feature Guide


  • During this pandemic, this feature will focus on wellness content.
  • It will be available for the selected group of users – wellness influencers.


By considering the current circumstances, Instagram has decided to let people aware of wellness through its new tool. Many people are struggling due to Covid-19, so we have come with a Guide on wellness content. We’re trying to connect creators to expert organizations to share resources at this time, including tips associated with how to focus on well-being, maintain a healthy life and managing anxiety or grief, statement of Instagram.

In order to make lockdown valuable for its customers, the Social Media Platform Instagram has introduced a new feature called “Guide”.  It aims is to help users to discover recommendations and content from their favourite creators. Guide tab is a tab inside profile of the user and they can make the article, i.e. updates from old posts and videos including IGTV videos with small captions and headers to highlight a specific topic.

The new feature has been rolled out to Android and iOS users and also available in India. Although, Guide version is not available in the Web version of Instagram.

Moreover, if you want to know more specific about the post, you can tap the image or video to view its original post. And of course, you can also share with both, Instagram Stories and in Direct Messages to other Instagram users. “They’ll also start to appear the explore tab in upcoming days”, said by the company.

The Guide tab will appear next to the IGTV icon or posts, once you’ll tap the icon; you will see numerous posts or videos highlighted on a specific topic. For example- you will get topics related to health and fitness as well as also see a variety of photos and videos with captions that users have curated. Clicking on any photo or video will redirect users to the original posts published by users.

“We want Instagram a place where people can easily get reliable information and inspiration from their favourite influencers. By considering this, Guide has introduced the easiest way to find recommendations, tips and other content from public figures, organizations, creators and publishers on Instagram”, stated by the CEO of the company.

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