In the long run a new event shortly after dos stinking days of reruns!

In the long run a new event shortly after dos stinking days of reruns!

Who watched Lost?? I was a little bored throughout the episode. I thought the Shannon backstory was a bit *yawn* boring. I can’t stand that chick from the back of the plane and who does she think she is bossing Michael and the other ones around? I don’t want these people, well HER, with my people from the front of the plane. She is way to ANGRY. Poor sick Sawyer. What the bloody heck is Walt backmasking whispering to Shannon? Where was Jack? And, I will try not to spoil it for anyone, but the death in this episode was a bit. well. I understand the tension this person’s death will cause with everyone, but this episode seemed a bit off to me. Those last few seconds, though. Wow. Powerful stuff. Next week looks really good. They are going to show what has been going on with the survivors from the back of the plane all this time.

However, We likes me personally specific Colts

You are aware my past article? Brand new Donny Osmond you to? I have to add a small to that. I became a great Donny Osmond fan once i are absolutely nothing. His are the initial poster I hung to my wall whenever I became 5 or six and i think about kissing your goodnight every night. We saw The fresh new Donny & Marie Let you know vigilantly every week and you will. I’d the fresh new Donny and you may Marie “barbies!” I sent them within real case As well as, I had these types of clothing in their eyes! I was thinking I found myself new greatest! I so wished to be on their show, as well. I needed in order to ice skate together with them on the ways cool set! Just after my personal Donny Osmond stage I managed to move on. To help you Shaun Cassidy. That’s a complete other article.

We Likes me personally some Sayid

Okay, therefore i must reveal about new fantasy We had yesterday. This dream seals it. proves which i blogs way too much..otherwise read stuff excessively..otherwise purchase waaaay too much time over at Website Burst. Probably all of those anything. But in any event, the brand new dream went like this.

I became within my parent’s household, throughout the back yard of the street. Apparantly, Rachel, of Bitchalicious fame stayed across the street out-of my personal parents. She got exterior on late night together with a favourite blanket you to she are playing with so you can summary during the and when she went in to the she kept they exterior dangling with the a great article. Thus, since i would end up being external for hours, I thought, hey, I’m able to play with you to definitely blanket. We ran more than and you may started using it and you may wrapped up with it and some times later Rachel came out and you will watched me personally with her Australia interracial dating blanket and you can told you, “Precisely what the heck have you been starting?” I stammered and you can made an effort to define, but she stomped out over me and you will removed th blanket away from myself and stomped into the lady household. I happened to be so glad she did not know me as a beneficial cunt. however, I happened to be most, really concerned with what she would definitely say in the me in her website. I then woke upwards.

Yeah, I wanted a weblog crack or something like that. (I’m thought this won’t have to be mentioned to help you Rachel thus since to not ever scare the girl, k?)

COLTS Earn At FOXBORO. Uncertain as to the reasons We picked that it picture since Really don’t such as for example Brady. it can be given that I know he could be being required to say some thing nice so you’re able to Peyton. or otherwise not. I suppose they are stating “Eff your, Peyton. You guys cheated while bring!” otherwise he’s saying, “Get myself along with you! Please. ” The guy he. It was a games and that i was required to set my earphones toward for some time and you will hear sounds as it can make me personally thus scared to look at the “big” online game. I understand, all of you is a wondering only precisely and this web log you took place up on now as the I Never cam sports. They are Just professional sports party of any sort one to We pay attention to. So, very, until the Very Pan if Colts Are located in it, We will most likely not talk much about them. You don’t need to care and attention that have a tendency to come to be a football weblog.

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