Facebook Enables “Profile Lock” Feature in India for Better Privacy

Facebook Profile Lock Update

Facebook is a popular social media app around the world and from time to time there are some changes in the features, due to which there is a lot of convenience for the users. Recently Facebook has now launched a new security feature for Indian users with the help of which users will be able to lock their profile.

This is a Special Advantage of this Feature

With the help of this profile lock safety feature of Facebook, users will be able to lock their profile, and apart from this, people who are not included in your friend list will not be able to view your profile photo completely and neither share nor download which will make the users The complete security of the profile and photo will remain.

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Women Users will Get Relief

According to Facebook, this feature will give special relief to women users because women were always nervous about the fact that an unknown person can download and share their profile photo. Now on the launch of this feature, the privacy of women will remain ensured and online security.

Enable like this

To enable this feature, you should go to the profile on Facebook and go to the list of profile settings and look for the option of Lock Profile and confirm it by tapping on the lock profile. This first profile picture guard feature was also launched with the help of which you can keep your profile photo safe.

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