Essential Tool Kit Items for Auto Mechanics


Essential Tool Kit Items For Auto Mechanics

Mechanics require a range of particular tools to do their job precisely. Oftentimes it can be a challenge even for seasoned mechanics to know right away what exactly will be the best tool for a task at hand. Fortunately, by building a great tool kit odds are good they’ll always be the tool that’s necessary nearby. So let’s look now at what tools mechanics love to keep in their tool kits.


Hood Light

Visibility is an important component of being able to perform mechanical tasks on a car. While some people try to get by utilizing a normal torch, this won’t be as effective as it requires holding the torch in one hand which limits the ability to perform more complicated tasks. It’s here that a hood light can be fantastic, providing an easy way to get fantastic lighting hands-free. 


Hood Prop

Many cars will come with a hood prop inside their bonnet. But not all will. In turn, sometimes hood props that the car has can be damaged, or faulty. A hood prop tool can be used as a replacement in circumstances like this, or simply as a second hood prop extra peace of mind when working away beneath the bonnet. 


Impact Wrench

Cars are amazing engineering achievements but they can also be stubborn when it comes to working on them. A common example of this is how quickly many nuts, bolts, and similar items can become stuck in place. An impact wrench can help address this issue by delivering high torque via the output shaft. This can help loosen those jammed nuts and bolts, saving time and reducing difficulty when it comes to removing parts during the course of work. 


Flexible Funnel 

Good car maintenance requires ongoing upkeep of its key liquids. But sometimes this can be easier said than done. For example, doing an oil change can be a time-consuming and tedious task. But with a flexible funnel, this job and ones like it can be made far easier. 


Needle Nose Pliers

A whole ton of time mechanics spent under the bonnet involve removing tiny parts from little nooks and crannies. This can be a very challenging task when using bare hands. But with needle nose pliers it’s possible to reach into very tiny spaces and remove components efficiently and with minimal hassle.


Spark Plug Pliers

Just as needle nose pliers are advantageous for removing goods in narrow spaces, spark plug pliers serve their own particular purpose. Because spark plugs can be laborious to insert and remove, significant time can be lost doing so. But when there’s a pair of spark plug pliers in hand, this process can be made easy.



Just like the act of building a car, growing expertise in how to take on mechanical tasks will require time. But there’s no doubt having the right tools in hand can help make work on the tasks so much easier. It can also help speed up the journey towards becoming an expert. Accordingly, acquiring this set of tools here is sure to provide a fantastic foundation in the tool kits of mechanics who work on all sorts of cars.

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