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I was instrumental in Xero becoming a disruptive platform, an iconic global brand, and a market leading public company worth billions of dollars. “Xero Definition” with an example in online dictionary. “Xero to acquire Planday to simplify workforce management and compliance”.

Waddle allows small businesses to access quick loans secured by their accounts receivables. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word xero-. SERFF means the system for electronic rate and form filing. SERFF is a proprietary NAIC computer-based application that allows insurers and other entities to create and submit rate, rule and form filings electronically to the commissioner.


By using AI to their advantage, accountants are able to offer useful insights by analysing operational and financial data stored in the cloud. This enables them to establish areas where they could drive growth across different product lines, and work out how scenario planning will impact the bottom line. The role of an accountant is far removed from what it once was. The adoption of new technologies such as cloud software and new regulations such as Open Banking are rapidly transforming business finance. A chart of accounts is a list of all the accounts you must use to record financial transactions in your general ledger. It helps you keep track of where money comes from and goes. The definitions are written with their requirements in mind.

It acquired Spotlight Workpapers in July 2012 for a mixture of cash and shares totaling $800,000. One example of a medical term that features the combining form xero- is xeroderma, a disease in which the skin becomes dry, hard, and scaly. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. I was responsible for hiring many dozens of people around the world–across design, engineering and marketing. I was instrumental in our recruitment strategy, creating and writing our company values, and famous for my new employee induction talks. A person whose job is to keep or inspect financial accounts. Each of these accounts typically has a name, brief description, and a general ledger code to help you find where to put a transaction.

What does xero- mean?

While the five main accounts at the top stay the same, the accounts that sit underneath can be customized to suit your business. In August 2018, Xero acquired Hubdoc, a data capture solution. Xero paid the acquisition price for Hubdoc in two stages, initially US$60 million consisting of 35% cash and 65% in Xero equity. The second tranche of US$10 million in equity was promised to the Hubdoc’s shareholders in 18 months following the acquisition, subject to operational targets and conditions.

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Definitions for xero-xe·ro-

We understand that the OED shows how words and meanings change over time. We have witnessed this first hand from our viewpoint at the front lines of this industrial change and through working with thousands of progressive modern day accountants. As the leading provider of accounting software to small businesses, around the world we are helping hundreds of thousands of accountants realise this new ambition. The Oxford English Dictionary is being urged to change its out of date definition of the word ‘accountant’ by Xero. Different kinds of accounting software do different things.

More detailed definitions can be found in accounting textbooks or from an accounting professional. Xero does not provide accounting, tax, business or legal advice. Most modern accounting software is always connected to the internet. This means you can connect from any internet-capable device, like xero definition your laptop or smartphone. This online space where you can access your data is called the cloud. Online accounting software automatically receives and updates because it’s always connected to the internet. Accounting software is software that does various accounting and bookkeeping tasks.


I grew and managed a global team of top Product Designers and Researchers. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming. The Oxford English Dictionary has long been a source for accurate and respected definitions of the English language worldwide. A good chart of accounts gives you an overview of every area of your business that spends or makes money. This will help you make well-informed decisions, and make it easier to follow financial reporting standards.

Do all medical terms have a root word?

All medical terms have a root word. They may also have a prefix, a suffix, or both a prefix and a suffix. Prefixes have a droppable "o", which acts to connect the prefix to root words which begin with a consonant.

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