After Facebook and Google, Twitter Also has made a Big Decision Regarding Work from Home

Twitter Work From Home

Corona and lockdown worldwide have also changed the way companies work in the past few months. During this time, most companies have adopted Work from Home and now many companies are adopting Work From Home permanently till they get the corona vaccine. After Google and Facebook, now Twitter has given its employees the option to work from home even after the corona crisis is over.

Twitter Gave This Statement

A statement has come from the Twitter Company saying that the company will not open its office before September, so employees will work from home until the Corona crisis is completely over, while there is also an option that this crisis Work can be done from home even after it is over. Twitter has taken this decision in view of social distancing. However, this new option is for those employees who do not need to be present in the office and for 5000 employees who are required in the office, this is not an option.

CEO Jack Dorsey Also Said This

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has also received a statement in this matter. In this, he has said that we are not in a position to open the office before September this year. Apart from this, all the events of Twitter in 2020 have also been canceled and in this situation the employees of the company have been asked to stay safe from home. Twitter is the first tech company to put a step of allowing permanent work from home to its employees, even after this pandemic lockdown passes”.

However, he also clarified that jobs that require “physical presence” like maintaining servers and so on will still want employees to come office.

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Facebook and Google have already taken a decision until December

It is worth noting that the big social media and tech companies Facebook and Google had given their employees permission to work from their home by the end of December 2020 due to the Corona crisis just a few days ago and the employees who come to the office They will need to take special care of social distancing rules while working. Due to the Corona crisis and lockdown in the country and the world, the employees of companies have been working from home since March and due to this crisis period, this change has been permanently incorporated in many companies.

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