5 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Ideal Indian Bridal Dress

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There’s hardly any day that is more important to someone than his or her wedding day. It’s the day when everyone around you treats you like a celebrity and the day when everything feels over the top special. To match the significance of this day, everyone wears an equally appealing wedding dress, whether it’s the bride or the groom.

However, selecting a wedding dress isn’t always as easy as it sounds. In fact, in most cases, it becomes quite daunting to finally pick the best one out of literally dozens of mesmerizing dresses. This is all the more relevant in the case of bridal dresses, where the choices are countless and slightly tensing at the same time.


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In this article, we are going to talk about a few suggestions that can help you in picking for the ideal bridal dress. Sorry grooms, we’re going to cover you later. However, let’s be honest in admitting that a bridal dress is one of the most important part of a wedding that catches everyone’s attention. One mistake in finalizing your wedding dress and all that charm of your wedding day wouldn’t be as magical as it was in your mind.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help! So, let’s discuss these 5 points that you can go through when you’re selecting your ideal bridal dress.


1. Allow The Vibe of Modernity to Blend in

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Fashion is probably the most fickle of all the things that change with time. You don’t wear the same kind of dress that your parents used to wear when they were your age, so why should your bridal dresses have to be like theirs? New fashion ideas are continuously being incorporate to bridal wear, and the results are mesmerizing, to say the least.

We understand that weddings are about traditions and customs, especially in the case of Indian ceremonies. When we suggest you to include modern fashion into your dress, we’re not implying that you should forget all the traditional aspects of bridal wear. Modernity is just an added layer to ameliorate the overall look, while the base and foundation would still be the same traditional aura that makes Indian weddings truly special. Here are a few examples:


2. Don’t Forget to Consider the Fabric Type

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Days before the special day when you’re out in the marketing selecting your bridal dress, you’re bound to come across a gigantic range such alluring collections that you would want to wear at least a few hundreds of them on your wedding day. Alas, you’d have to settle for one, that unique one that’s best from the rest.

While doing that, you must consider the fabric of the dress that you’re about to finalize. Make sure that it’s the ideal fabric for the season or it’s ultimately going to be a frustrating evening for you only. For instance, the thick fabric would go be ideal for winters, but it’s an absolute nightmare during the summers.

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3. Choosing the Right Color

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Before we begin, we just wanted to clarify that we don’t have the answer to the question, ‘Which shade is Ideal color for Indian bridal wear?’ In fact, there’s no right answer here, it’s completely a subjective choice to pick your favorite color tone. However, we do seem to have a few ideas to help you decide better.


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Of course, we don’t have a single winner here. How could we?


4. The Right Time

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So, what is the right time to buy your bridal dress? We did some analysis, and we think we have found an ideal range that is supposed to be the most optimum one. Before we reveal the range, it’s important that you understood a few things.

First, buying your wedding dress just a few days before the wedding is the worst idea ever. There are so many things happening together at the same time that it’s impossible to think clearly even a month before the wedding. On the other hand, you can’t just buy it way too early either. The reason, of course, is that your body is constantly changing, and what was a perfect fit a year ago may not be so today.

Based on these factors, we have set the ideal range from three to six months.


5. Your Choices First

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Throughout the article, we have been focusing on your choices being the ultimate decider when you’re buying your bridal dress. After all, your wedding day is going to be all about you and your partner. The rules that we have mentioned above are just there to help, and not a compulsory set of parameters. If you feel like the dress you’re after right now is the one, although it’s missing out on some of the points mentioned above, we would still ask you to go with your instincts first.

What other suggestions do you have for a to-be married bride to help her pick the right dress? Let us know in the comments below!

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