5 Summer Fruits That You Should Eat to Lose Weight

5 Summer Fruits That You Should Eat to Lose Weight

From early sunrises to late sun dawns, we get a lot of time in summers for ourselves to do something else or find out time to adopt a new habit. Unfortunately, for many of us, summer is also a time to have unhealthy foods, i.e. oversized frozen cocktails, sugar carnival treats and deep-fried fries- leave us stuffed and bloated.

Help is here. With all yummy and fresh fruits, you can shed your pounds and swap out those fattening and waist-friendly foods. Fruits are nature’s made snacks, filled with vitamins, fiber and other nutrients that support a healthy diet. Even, they’re low in calories, high in fiber and prevent weight gain. In fact, eating fruits enables to lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

In this blog, I am going to tell you some fruits which will facilities your weight loss process, glowing skin, improves digestion and other health benefits. Let’s have a look on it-

Cherry –

Cherry Fruit

The most picked summer food with immense health benefits, its taste do more for your health than sweet your tooth. Cherries are full of resveratrol and antioxidants that bring up the power of body-transforming. If you’re on your weight loss journey then can have cherries as snacks. It fully ups your tummy and increases metabolism rate that turns out in burning fat fast. Alongside, resveratrol supplementation can reduce the weight gain and bone demineralization.

Watermelon –


This summer, getting healthier with a familiar staple: watermelon. The fruit is made up of more than 90% water and it treats you in way to stay cool and hydrated for a long time in hottest summer days and control your mid-day cravings in hottest summer days and control your mid-day cravings. You can have watermelon in lunch, morning and evening snacks as well as in dinner. Watermelon juice can reduce the cholesterol level, keeps energize and helps in losing more weight to people than who are consuming carbohydrate solutions.

Strawberries –


It is a must-eat fruit in summers to lose weight. Strawberries pack with an immense amount of nutrients with few calories. A cup of Strawberries contains 50 calories only that is beneficial for your weight loss. Even, you’ll get 3 grams of fiber that accounts for 12% of your daily fiber needs. In other words, high fibers make the fruit extra filling, having 7 to 8 strawberries keeps your stomach full for a long time. Its benefits are only limited to this, Strawberries also include Vitamin C, potassium, manganese and folate. All these nutrition plays a vital role to boost up the metabolic rate that makes easier calorie burning process.

Papaya –


You can have papaya either in raw or cooked form. It is fleshy with a sweet-tart taste and fits perfectly with your yoghurt. During weight loss, we consume less calories that lead constipation problem hence, having papaya daily helps you to get rid out from this. A cup of papaya contains almost 55 calories and 3 grams fiber, it also a great source of Vitamin A and C. The fruit has papain, i.e. a natural enzyme that promotes faster transit of food through the gut; it makes papaya a great alternative to lose weight.

Muskmelon –


A hidden gem, muskmelons are enriched with vitamin C. One serving of this, enough for weight loose and can be eaten as a replacement of evening snack. Due to its sweet flavor, it also controls your sugar cravings and unnecessary hungers. You can have it with yoghurt or prepare some other desserts, but try at least one cup of muskmelon every day.

Pineapple: Another fruit, we often ignore. Pineapples are a great fruit that contributes widely in your weight loss journey as it includes – as anti-inflammatory properties, pro-digestion qualities and boosting metabolism.


So if you’re planning to lose weight and get an ideal body shape this summer, consume these fruits as an alternative of your morning and evening brunches to control your cravings. Fruits are a great option that facilitates your weight loss journey, improves metabolism and even boosts up immunity to fight different diseases. Alongside, fruits keep you stay active and hydrated, you can have anyone fruit before or after the workout to manage energy level and hit up the day.

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